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Its translucent bubbles made us stare at it for a long time, before we enjoyed it. Its traditional recipe is memory evoking, but it also keeps its vitality with its rich and authentic taste. A tantalizing, fiercely cool soft drink with a light touch of lemon and lime.


EPSA Orangeade refreshes and revitalises, while its taste exhilarates us. Made with meticulousness from fresh, juicy, sweet oranges, lavishly offered by the Greek land and people that acknowledge its value. Our orangeade has no colouring agents. Its aroma and rich taste come from our authentic recipe that remains unchanged over time. A fiercely cool soft drink suitable at any time!


For more than 90 years, we’ve been making the best Lemonade! Our secret is the authentic recipe, which remains undisclosed for nine decades now! Made with top quality lemons that we pick from the Greek land, for the most demanding consumers. At EPSA we are proud that many generations have grown with our Lemonade. But we feel greater joy because we know that its freshness and its amazing taste will win over the generations to come.


Our wonderful Sour Cherry Drink comes from greek juicy sour cherries. We always pick them carefully and by following grandma’s authentic recipe, we create the soft drink, which refreshes you and sweetens you at the same time, with its rich taste and its full aroma.


Our Cola light, has been sweetened from the plant stevia, without sugar. Unbeatable taste of cola with just 1 calorie in the packaging of 232ml and 330ml. EPSA Cola light is cool and enjoyable at any time, accompanied with a meal or not! Suitable for diabetics.


A rare, rich, particular taste of orange from EPSA Blood Orange. Now, Orangeade becomes even redder and more tasteful than ever, thanks to the juicy blood orange. Deep colour and aroma with distinctive notes of citrus fruits. Combined with a white alcoholic drink, the result is thrilling.


Its unique composition, with digestive properties, refreshes and revitalizes you. You will find it on every table along with a good meal and not only!

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